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"Venture into the Extraordinary"

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Happiness Collectors is a fusion of physical theatre and audio-immersive storytelling for family audiences. 

Completely Covid compliant, this live experience can play to single-household families as well as community, youth or school groups in any outdoor environment.


With an audience on wireless headphones and a Happiness Collector Instructor (live performer) socially distanced, we take families on a journey out with the realms of their physical space and into the extraordinary.


As the audience learn how to become a fully certified Happiness Collector, we explore tropical beaches and olympic stadiums before making our way to the Happy Place, where you learn how to share the happiness you have collected. 

Have a listen... Best Enjoyed With Headphones




Audio Adventures engage young explorers by inviting them on a sonic journey to discover unique worlds, full of wonder, mystery and colourful characters.

Using immersive binaural sound design, majestical music and simple audio prompts, all the listener needs is their imagination to unlock the magic of the adventure.

Help your young person build their confidence, social skills and focus whilst they are encouraged to be mindful and use their imagination in stimulating ways.

Have a listen... Best Enjoyed With Headphones