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"Venture into the Extraordinary"

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The Audio Story Company are passionate storytellers.

We create unique audio-immersive experiences that fuse sound, music, voice and physical performance to create vibrant new ways of telling transformative stories.

In the past 12 months we have...

Reached over 1900 young people across 80 Primary Schools in Scotland, with The Lost Reindeer

Amassed 50 Performances of Happiness Collectors, playing to over 1000 unique audience members.

Partnered with The Ayr Gaiety as one of the founding members of their New Scottish Companies Programme

Created new work through collaborations with The Tron Theatre, The Ayr Gaiety, Hopscotch Theatre Company, PACE Youth Theatre, Eventure Scotland, Soil Voices, Braw Fox Theatre & The International School of Zug & Luzern.

Featured Work


Happiness Collectors is a fusion of physical theatre and audio-immersive storytelling for family audiences. 

"The world's supplies of happiness are running low and we need your help to top them up"

Completely Covid compliant, this live experience can play to single-household families as well as community, youth or school groups in any outdoor environment.


With an audience on wireless headphones and a Happiness Collector Instructor (live performer) socially distanced, we take families on a journey out with the realms of their physical space and into the extraordinary.


As the audience learn how to become a fully certified Happiness Collector, we explore tropical beaches and olympic stadiums before making our way to the Happy Place, where you learn how to share the happiness you have collected. 

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What We Do

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