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Welcome to
The Audio Story Company

"Venture into the Extraordinary"

Painted Green Arrow

We are a pioneering creative organisation who produce unique immersive experiences, that fuse sound, music, voice and physical performance to create vibrant new ways of telling transformative stories.

Since 2020 we have...

reached over 7000 young people & families in schools, shopping centres & community halls across 258 performances of MERRY, in 2021, 2022 & 2023

delivered Arts Facilitation, Workshops and Creative Engagement Events across Scotland and internationally in Canada, Ireland and Switzerland

performed over 400 shows of Happiness Collectors, the audio-immersive family experience, to around 15,000 audience members.

Coming Up

silhouette of a little girl explorer with a colourful jurassic background.png

Coming to Schools and Community Venues in the autumn of 2025, Daring To Dig will showcase The Audio Story Company’s trademark mix of immersive audio, physical theatre and magical design elements.

Danni loves dinosaurs - from collecting dinosaur facts, studying dinosaur poo, and even eating dinosaur shaped nuggets! Danni is the host of her very own show ‘Daring to Dig with Dino Danni’…okay, so it’s in her bedroom and the only audience is her soft toy Diplodocus. But one day she hopes to be a real-life palaeontologist. And she won’t let anything get in the way of her dream - not even annoying big brothers! She’s just got to keep digging. Bit by bit, stone by stone, dinosaur bone by dinosaur bone… 


Daring to Dig is a show about chasing your dreams, the power of imagination, determination and resilience - and of course, dinosaur poo!

Presented by The Audio Story Company in association with Falkirk Council Cultural Services

Our Immersive Theatrical Experiences


From The Audio Story Company, in association with Falkirk Leisure & Culture. Originally commissioned by Tron Theatre.

"Merry is always ready for a party! She loves birthdays, the last day of school, family celebrations, special holidays and especially Christmas."

Merry is an audio-immersive theatrical experience for family audiences. Join Merry on her most adventurous mission yet – can she track down and capture the Festive Spirit? A seasonal audio adventure, full of magic and fun, for all the family.



From The Audio Story Company & Tron Theatre

"The world's supplies of happiness are running low and the HAPPINESS COLLECTORS need your help to top them up"

Pop on your headphones and join the Happiness Collectors on a journey of sounds and silliness to learn the best ways to collect happiness - and most important of all, how to pass it on! 


Happiness Collectors is a fusion of physical theatre and audio-immersive storytelling for family audiences. 


Other Things We're Proud Of

SM WS 3.jpg

Happiness Collectors Residency at the International School of Zug & Luzern, Switzerland

In 2022, ISZL challenged The Audio Story Company to come to Switzerland and help their pupils and teachers improve their self-expression through creativity. 



TAMFEST Halloween Audio Trail

"Tread carefully and don’t upset the ghouls, ghosts and spirits - they will mind their business as long as you mind yours"

Immerse yourself in the chilling stories of the past, as you hear the hoofbeats of the headless horseman and feel the shiver down your spine at every creak of the haunted Brig O’Doon.


The Things We Do

We specialise in creating memorable experiences for audiences, clients and collaborators.

We provide creative solutions & services for any type of creative project. 

We enjoy working closely with our clients & collaborators, and are passionate about helping turn their dreams into reality.

We also do a heck of a lot more...


Clients & Collaborators

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