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Silent Disco from The Audio Story Company

Silent Disco Hire

Easy To Use
Simply Plug & Play

Perfect for Any Occasion
Including Weddings & Birthday Parties

Delivered to You
Anywhere in Scotland

Silent Disco from The Audio Story Company

The silent disco equipment that we provide is ultra-modern and easy-to-use. With functionalities for truly unforgettable weddings, birthday parties and corporate events.

Our Light Up silent disco headphones are wireless and fully rechargeable, meaning no batteries are needed and they last 12 hours on a single charge.

Plug your own music source into the transmitter and away you go. It really is that easy. Plus our transmitters have internal batteries, meaning you can take your party anywhere!

We'll deliver everything you need, along with clear instructions, and if you need extra help, we're only a call away.

Silent Disco from The Audio Story Company

What Makes Us Different?

When you hire from us, you aren't lining the pockets of a multinational corporation and you aren't helping a CEO buy a second jet.


We are small, non-profit, organisation, who reinvest all of our profits into community and charitable activities. That's right, every single penny of profit goes towards helping provide arts provision for young people and underserved communities.

Silent Disco from The Audio Story Company

Looking for Something a Little Extra?

Our team is very well connected within the Creative Arts Sector in Scotland. We can call upon a host of creative artists to add some moments of magic to your event, wedding or birthday.


Whether it's planning an unforgettable event, adding a unique twist to your celebration, or ensuring every detail is just right, we're your partners in making your vision a reality. Venture into the extraordinary with us and we'll make your dreams come true.

Drop us a message and find out what is possible.

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Silent Disco from The Audio Story Company


How much does a silent disco cost? Our Prices start from as little as £100, ex VAT.

What happens if I break something? Our equipment is extremely durable, but sometimes accidents do happen. If any of the equipment is beyond repair, or lost, we will simply charge you the replacement price.

How do I set it up? Our equipment is super easy to set up. It's as simple as plug and play. You will receive an instruction manual via email but don’t worry if you get stuck we are always available to talk you through it.

What is the range of the Transmitter? Our headphones are far superior to cheaper alternatives. Our transmitters have a range of up to 200m, when powered, with seamless music.

Are the Headphones child friendly? Yes, our headphones are fully adjustable so are suitable for children. We use lightweight, comfortable, padded headphones.

How do I book? Fill In the above Quote Form, and we'll be in touch via email or phone.

Do I need to pay a deposit? Once you are happy with your quote and service, we will take a 50% deposit to secure your booking.

Where can I have a Silent Disco? Anywhere! The beauty of silent disco is that it can take place pretty much anywhere. All you need is power for the transmitter and away you go.

Can I connect a Phone/Laptop/iPad? Yes, we will provide you any cable you require for your device whether it is an iPod/iPhone or Television! You can even have your own DJ plug straight in.

How long do the headphones last? Our headphones have a rechargeable battery that lasts 12 hours on a single charge.

Are Silent Disco's good for weddings? Silent Disco at weddings is becoming a new trend across the UK. Due to venue sound restrictions, having a Silent Disco means there is no loud music so you can party on till the early hours of the morning.

How is the equipment delivered? We'll either delivery the equipment personally. Or we'll use on our trusted couriers. Same goes for returning the equipment.

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