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what we do

We specialise in creating memorable experiences for audiences and clients.

We provide creative solutions & services for any type of creative project.

We enjoy working closely with our clients & collaborators, and are passionate about helping turn their dreams into reality.

We can assemble the ultimate team for your project. From our base in Glasgow, we work closely with the very best artists, directors, studios, sound designers, composers, facilitators and technicians to help our clients & collaborators achieve their ambitions, whether in theatre, education, community, commercials or digital brand assets.




Creative Engagement is about getting your audiences more involved in ways that make them feel more a part of the art and organisation. Once they feel more engaged, the likelihood of them becoming more supportive is real.

We are currently working with Falkirk Town Hall Theatre and North Lanarkshire Council to deliver events and performances which engage their local communities.

Merry21 - eoincarey_01.jpg


Our unique blend of storytelling combines physical theatre and immersive audio in a way you'll have never experienced before. Using the latest wireless technology and 3D binaural techniques, we create live performances that feel intimate and allow for true immersion in the story.

Check out our productions, Merry and Happiness Collectors

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The world of audio-drama has never been more popular than right now. Are you looking to create a Radio 4 Audio-Drama, Sonic Theatre or something completely new? We can cater for all your sound and storytelling needs.


From story dramaturgy and remote recording to creating complex soundscapes and music, no job is too big. If you can dream it, we can create it.

Drama Workshops with an audio-immersive flavour enable little kids, and not-so-little kids, to develop their confidence and performance skills while gaining a revitalised understanding of the arts and the practices within.

We are currently working with Toonspeak to deliver a series of creative-audio workshops for young people. We have previously delivered workshops for the National Festival of Youth Theatre.

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Whether it is for Radio, TV or Digital, we can help you tell your story in a fun and imaginative way.


We can create bespoke Digital Audio Assets for your brand, or organisation, which are perfect for advertising in the digital realm.