Happiness Collectors

"The world's supplies of happiness are running low and we need your help to top them up"

Happiness Collectors is a fusion of physical theatre and audio-immersive storytelling for family audiences.

Each audience member experiences the show through a set of headphones and is guided by their very own happiness collector instructor. As the audience learn how to become fully certified Happiness Collectors, they are transported by sound and music to destinations around the world and invited to complete a series of fun, physical tasks to collect some much-needed happiness. Happiness Collectors aims to bring people and communities together through the promotion of joy, well-being and the sharing of collective experience.


Happiness Collectors was originally developed with Tron Theatre.

Recommended for ages 4+

Previous & Header Image by Eoin Carey

Artistic Team
Writer: Sarah Miele
Dramaturgy: Sarah-Rose Graber & Ros Sydney
Sound & Music: Calum Paterson

Previous Cast
Sarah Miele

Jordan Blackwood (for The Tron)
Steven Paton (for The Gaiety)

Special Thanks to Lisa Keenan, Judy Stewart & Rebecca Bell

Previous Performances

FTH Theatre Community Engagement

Falkirk (24 Performances)

Ayr Gaiety Community Engagement
South Ayrshire Tour (45 Performances)
July 2021

Tron Suitcase Stories
Glasgow (6 Performances)
April 2021

Audio Sample

Introducing The Happiness Collectors
00:00 / 03:22

Production Images

Images by Eoin Carey & AMD Studios