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if you can dream it, we can create it

Looking for a way to connect with your audience? Look no further than The Audio Story Company. Whether you're creating content for your website, podcast, or advertising campaigns, high-quality sound can make all the difference.

What we can help with:

- Marketing & Advertising

- Podcasts & Radio

- Mobile Apps & Software

- Live Events

- Education & E-Learning

- Film & TV

- Video Games

- Public Announcements & Transportation

- Retail & Hospitality

- Healthcare & Wellbeing


We will work with you to create bespoke assets that perfectly captures your brand identity and enhances your message. From impactful sound design and scripting to immersive audio storytelling, we'll help you create a powerful experience that enthrals your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

Image by Dollar Gill

Have a listen to some of our work

Audio Assets

Audio Drama Trailer

Audio Assets

Guided Meditation 1

Audio Assets

Audio Trail

Audio Assets

Spots Sample Pack 1

Audio Assets

Guided Meditation 2

Audio Assets

Spots Sample Pack 2

Why Work With Us?

At The Audio Story Company, we believe in the power of sound to transcend the ordinary. Every project we undertake is a joyous journey, with a story waiting to be told.

Your Vision, Our Passion

From the moment you share your vision with us, it becomes our mission. We pour our hearts into understanding your needs, your dreams, and your goals. Our passion for storytelling ensures that your project is crafted with the utmost care, creativity, and dedication.

Empathy in Every Sound

We know that behind every project is a story worth telling - YOUR STORY. We listen, we feel, and we empathise. This emotional connection drives us to deliver audio experiences that are not only heard but felt. We transform your ideas into soundscapes that move, inspire, and captivate.

A Collaborative Journey

Working with us means becoming part of our creative family. We believe in open communication, mutual respect, and a collaborative spirit. Your input is invaluable, and together, we bring your vision to life in ways that exceed your expectations.

Unwavering Commitment

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We don't rest until every detail is perfect, every sound is impeccable, and the message is conveyed effectively. Your satisfaction is our ultimate reward, and we strive to create assetts that not only meets but surpasses your aspirations.

Image by Mark Rohan
Image by Henry Be

What Makes Us Special

Independent and Proud

When you work with us, you aren't lining the pockets of a multinational corporation and you aren't helping a CEO buy a second jet. We are small, non-profit, organisation, who reinvest all of our profits into our community and charitable activities. That's right, every single penny of profit goes towards helping provide arts provision for young people and underserved communities.

Raised In The Arts

Our Artistic Director, Sarah, is a BAFTA award winning actress who knows a thing or two about the fine art of storytelling. Our Executive Director, Calum, is an award nominated sound designer and composer, who's worked on everything from international touring theatre to audio dramas. Rest assured that your project and story are in the safest of hands.

Ambisonic and Binaural Sound

We have been working with 3D Sound and Immersive Audio since 2015. But what the heck is Ambisonics and Binaural Sound? Quite simply, we have the power to sculpt sound and music in 360 degree space, creating soundscapes and audio content that feel truly immersive. Did you know that 85% of music and podcast listeners do so on headphones... with immersive audio, we can connect with those listeners in exciting and magical ways.


Find out how we can help you tell your story by

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