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Halloween Audio Trail

"The Haunted Adventures of Maggie & Meg"

Halloween Audio Trail

"The Haunted Adventures of Maggie & Meg"

"Tread carefully and don’t upset the ghouls, ghosts and spirits - they will mind their business as long as you mind yours"

As you venture through moonlit woods and misty fields, our captivating audio stories will transport you to a time when legends danced with reality. Immerse yourself in the chilling stories of the past, as you hear the hoofbeats of the headless horseman and feel the shiver down your spine at every creak of the haunted Brig O’Doon.


Bring your bravest heart and keenest senses, as this audio trail promises an unforgettable Halloween experience. Discover the thrill of the unknown, the magic of old legends, and the eerie beauty that only the season of the supernatural can bring.

This spooktacular audio trail was completely self-led, allowing audiences the freedom to enjoy the haunted experience at their own pace. 


Artistic Team
Writer & Director: Sarah Miele
Sound & Music: Calum Paterson

Designer: Izzy Gough

Special Thanks to South Ayrshire Council, The Gaiety Theatre, Rockaflower & Cue Props

Previous Presentation


7th October 2023 to 5th November 2023

Images by Sooz Aitken

The Trail

Rozelle Park

Delve into the enigmatic depths of Rozelle Park, where mystery and intrigue lie in wait. Within the haunted forest, four chilling story locations beckon, each concealing its own spooky secrets.

Story 1
Story 2
Story 3
Story 4

Alloway Village Hall

Travel the haunted road, past the eerie Village Hall, where the shadows whisper secrets and the echoes of lost souls linger in the night.

Story 5

Poet's Path

Brave the ghostly Poet's Path, where every step takes you deeper into its enchantment, but beware... if a soul pauses for too long, a most hideous fate befalls them.

Story 6

Alloway Auld Kirk

In the moonlight's spectral glow, witches dance beneath the ancient stones of the Auld Kirk, weaving spells and secrets into the night.

Story 7

Brig O'Doon

As the haunting strains of music fill the night air, join us for a ghostly ceilidh beneath the moonlight at the Brig O'Doon, where spirits twirl and revel in eternal dance.

Story 8
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