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RAF Museums
Audio Trail

"Through Adversity To The Stars"


Embark on an exciting journey through aviation history with our brand new audio trail at the RAF Museums! Let the fascinating stories of courage, innovation, and adventure captivate your imagination as you explore our exhibits and legendary aircraft.

With enchanting narration that brings history to life, you'll hear the hum of engines, the buzz of radio chatter, and the tales of the brave men, women and animals who made a difference during WW2.

You will be guided through our audio trail by Woof Commander Antis The Dog and Flight Lieutenant Percy The Parachuting Penguin, inspired by the real life trusted companion of legendary RAF Air Gunner Robert Bozdech and by the lucky mascot of Flight Lieutenant Stan Chapman. Percy is prim, proper and always ready for action. Antis is fun-loving, enthusiastic and always by your side when you need him. Together, they will take you on a fun and exciting audio-journey outwith the realms of possibility and into the heart of thrilling stories from D-Day, Bomber Command, Spitfire Cockpits and much more.

Our audio trail promises you an accessible experience that transcends anything you've heard before. All you need is your own smart device and internet access and you’re good to go! Using the latest in 3D Sound Technology, you’ll find sonic worlds that bring alive the lost history of the past. Just remember to wear your headphones to engage the 3D audio experience.

Perfect for the whole family, you’ll find this one-of-a-kind experience in both the London and Midlands Museums this May Half Term.

Below, you can learn how the trail works and preview the stories before you set off.

How It Works

The audio trail is completely self-led, allowing you the freedom to enjoy the experience at your own pace. You can savour every step and immerse yourself in the fantastically worlds of the story.

Each location will have a QR Code. To access each story, all you need to do is scan the QR Code with your smart device (phone). You will need to have internet access.

Grab your FREE worksheet before you start the trail. You can also download it to your device by clicking HERE.

TOP TIP: We do recommend using Headphones. Doing this will you enable you to enjoy the audio stories in immersive 3D Audio

The Audio Trail is completely free-to-use!

The Audio Trail does not need be completed in order, and there are 6 unique stories to be found across the museum.

The trail and the stories are family-friendly, and come with a recommended lower age range of 5+. It is the responsibility of the adult to ensure that the content of the stories are appropriate for their young person.

Trail Challenges

Listen Now

You can preview all of the stories before you set off. Click on the Story Number and it will unlock the story.


This audio trail is produced by THE AUDIO STORY COMPANY

Stories Written by Sarah Miele

Audio Production by Calum Paterson

Illustrations by Franesca Grech


Antis - James Rottger

Percy - Simon Donaldson

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