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Welcome to the TAMFEST Halloween Audio Trail

You have successfully unlocked the eighth and final story. When you are ready, simply press play below and enjoy.

Good Luck...

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Meg?? Meg. There you are! What have I told you about running off like that? Safety in numbers, remember? You gave me such a fright - and we’re supposed to be the ones doing the scaring!!! 

Sorry about that – I think Meg isn’t as brave as she likes to think. 


Maybe it’s just as well we cut the story short. that’s us at the last stop on the trail for The Haunted Adventures of Maggie and Meg. There’s still so many more spooky stories to share and discover, but I think you deserve a celebration for braving it out with us and getting this far. That’s if all of you did make it to the end…we might need you to share another selfie with us, for proof.  

Now for the celebrations! What better way to celebrate then with our very own spooky ceilidh - I’m talking the frightening floss, the death defying dosey do, supernatural spins and ferocious footwork. 


We hope you’ve had a spine-chillingly good time and remember - do not disturb the spirits and they won’t disturb you. Most of the time anyway… 

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