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Venture into the Extraordinary with Audio Adventures in 2021


It's 2021... wow. Who would have thought we'd be back in Lockdown (in the UK) again. Certainly not us, and I'm sure not a lot of you out there either. We thought this might be a great opportunity to see what everyone thinks of our Audio Adventures. The Blurb:

"Our Audio Adventures engage young explorers by inviting them on a sonic journey to discover unique worlds, full of wonder, mystery and colourful characters. Using immersive sound design, majestical music and simple audio prompts, all the listener needs is their imagination to unlock the magic of the adventure."

So what does that mean to you at home, I hear you ask... fab question! Maybe you are homeschooling? Maybe your little ones are stuck inside a lot more, staring at screens, consuming school work and social media?

We were asked, by a family member, for something interactive, something engaging and most importantly, something that didn't involve a screen. We reached out to our friends over at Pace Youth Theatre, to see if this might be something that they would also be interested in, and they were.

The Audio Adventure was born. We set ourselves a few "Targets" for the project. We must:

- Create an activity that DOES NOT involve a screen

- Stimulate Imagination

- Encourage Curiosity

- Promote Mindfulness

- Be accessible at home

We started with The Enchanted Forest... an immersive spatial audio journey which would traverse worlds and interact with colourful characters. We tested it, we re-worked it and then we shared it. The response was amazing, kids loved it because it was something they had never experienced before and big kids loved it because it gave them an hours break to get a cuppa and relax.

We made another, and then some more, and now we have a 4 Story Package available, along with a free adventure for little ones to try.

As a small business we are constantly looking at ways we can engage with our audiences. If you do decided to try an Audio Adventure with your young people, then please let us know what you think, what you enjoyed and what you think we could improve on. We want to learn, and we want to make our products better!

Who knows what 2021 will hold, but we are going to make it our mission to provide activities, adventures and stories that will be exciting and beneficial to all that interact with them.

Stay Safe everyone.

Calum x

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