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The perfect rainy day resource for families, schools and youth groups.

How It Works

Our Audio Adventures engage young explorers by inviting them on a sonic journey to discover unique worlds, full of wonder, mystery and colourful characters. Using immersive sound design, majestical music and simple audio prompts, all the listener needs is their imagination to unlock the magic of the adventure.

All of our Audio Adventures are accompanied by an Activity Sheet, which can be completed by a child independently, in a group or as a family.

Activity Sheets have tasks and challenges which relate to the unique audio adventure. The activities encourage the listener to continue exploring the magical world that they have just listened to and how it came to life for them.

Why are Audio Adventures important?

Builds Confidence, Focus & Social Skills

Encourages Mindfulness

Stimulates Curiosity & Imagination

Want to try it out?

Enchanted Forest Audio AdventureThe Audio Story Company
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Our Enchanted Forest Audio Adventure is available to listen to on our website for FREE!


Grab your listening device of choice, download the accompanying Activity Sheet and enjoy the enchanted forest audio adventure.

We recommend using Headphones, for a deeper more immersive experience.

Recommended for ages 4 to 9.

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