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Welcome to the TAMFEST Halloween Audio Trail

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(Meg growls) What’s wrong, Meg? What is it? (Meg growls again) It’s okay, Meg - I’m here. Meg never likes this bit of road. She’s always growling as if there’s something there. It’s like she can see something that I can’t… 


But I don’t blame her...this road is where the shadows whisper secrets and the echoes of lost souls linger in the night. It’s definitely haunted.  


There have been so many stories of eerie and unexplained sightings on this road. Some drivers describe a ghostly figure of a bride in a tattered and dirty wedding dress hitchhiking on the side of the road. No-one ever pulls over for her. Others have described a mysterious cloaked figure all in black, their face never visible, that appears from nowhere. They say it sends a chill down their spine and they always turn around - no-one dares to walk closer. 


(Meg barks) I know, Meg - just stay close to me, okay? 


Then there’s the story of the Phantom Carriage Ride. It’s said that on moonless nights, a ghostly carriage emerges from the shadows on this road by the Alloway Village Hall. 

There was once a local called Johnnie Cobbler. This was years ago, in the ancient times - like the 1990s, right? 


Johnnie was a very well known member of the community and everyone knew he did NOT believe in ghosts. He dismissed all the spooky stories as nonsense and said he wasn’t scared of anything. Johnnie found himself wandering home one night after a party. There was no moon in the night sky and everything was quiet apart from the sound of Johnnie’s lone footsteps ringing out. He had just reached this very road when he suddenly felt the air get colder. He shivered. Pulled his coat tight and thought to himself that he should have brought a hat. 


He heard a noise in the distance and at first thought it might be a car passing by, but as it got louder he could clearly hear the sound of a horse’s hooves and rattling wheels. He looked up and saw a horse and carriage travelling down the road towards him. But the strangest part is that it was being driven by a headless coachman. Johnnie rubbed his eyes, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He thought it must be a joke or maybe he was dreaming. But as the carriage drew closer, Johnnie found himself frozen with fear.  


The headless coachman pulled the carriage to a halt right next to Johnnie. He didn’t know what to do, but something told him that the carriage was waiting for him. The coachman lifted a hand and with a boney finger beckoned Johnnie aboard. As if he was hypnotized, Johnnie boarded the carriage and with a crack of the whip, the coachman drove the carriage on into the night. 


Johnnie Cobbler wasn’t seen for three days. But when he returned he was a changed man. He never spoke of what had happened to him in the days he was missing. He suddenly did believe in ghosts though and he never walked this road again.  


(Meg barks) 


Okay, Meg, I’m finished the story. I think Meg wants to get moving! 

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