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Welcome to the TAMFEST Halloween Audio Trail

You have successfully unlocked the fourth story. When you are ready, simply press play below and enjoy.

Good Luck...

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“So Maggie runs, the witches follow, 

Wi' mony an eldritch skriech and hollo.” 


You might remember I said that Tam’s horse Meg almost didn’t make it out alive. Tam was left shaken by the horrors of that night, but it was his horse Meg that was left with a much greater scar. Everyone goes on about auld Tam, but what about poor Meg?? Magnificent and majestic Meg! She’s my hero of the story. (Meg barks) Yes, Meg – you're pretty great, too... 


All those wicked beasties and spirits might not have noticed them spying, if Tam hadn’t been a total daftie and shouted out loud  - then Meg might not have had to leg it like the total legend she was.  


Meg raced through the night as fast as she could to save Tam and her from the clutches of the horrifying beasts that pursued them. With endless dark forms appearing around them, reaching out and grabbing. The tugging at Tam’s clothes or Meg’s mane got stronger, more and more hands and claws were appearing. The cries of the creatures got louder in their ears. Meg moved faster than she ever had before and outran them all. Apart from one. Nannie. The fiercest, darkest, strongest witch of them all. She gained on Tam and Meg and as she swooped furiously down on them, she caught Meg’s tail in her sharp, cold hands. But the witches’ speed was no match for a defiant Meg who pulled away from Nannie’s grip, carrying her and Tam onwards into the night and to safety. But, as she sped them away from danger, Meg’s poor tail was pulled clean off - left behind in Nannie’s unbreakable grip. 


“Ae spring brought aff her master hale 

But left behind her ain grey tail: 

The carlin claught her by the rump, 

And left poor Maggie scarce a stump.” 


Tam and Meg were lucky, but other riders and their horses were not. You may have noticed the horses’ tails hanging in the trees. Nannie and her army of devilish creatures were full of rage that Tam and Meg had escaped from their clutches. No-one had ever escaped them before…and no-one has since. They made a petrifying pact, a villainous vow. They swore to never let another victim escape and with every horse and rider they captured, they would leave a sign. A sign of victory and a sign of warning to all those who dared enter their woods at night. 


Just remember to not disturb the spirits and NEVER enter these woods at night and you’ll be fine. Right, Meg?  


(Meg barks) 


That’s right, Meg. It’s time to leave, Rozelle Park behind and continue onto more terrifying territory. Still feeling brave? Let’s go! 

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