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Welcome to the TAMFEST Halloween Audio Trail

You have successfully unlocked the third story. When you are ready, simply press play below and enjoy.

Good Luck...

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“The doubling storm roars thro' the woods; 

The lightnings flash from pole to pole, 

Near and more near the thunders roll;” 


The night of Tam O’Shanter’s fateful ride, there was the most terrible storm - relentless rain, ominous thunder and deadly lightning.  


(Meg whines) 


 I know, Meg. Meg does not like storms. She refuses to leave the house if it’s raining even the tiniest bit. Don’t you, Meg? You silly floof ball. 


My Meg would be nowhere to be seen, but Tam’s Meg was a brave and trusty companion. Fast and steady, despite the horrors they faced. And there were many horrors. There was no way Tam would’ve made it out alive without her. And Meg almost didn’t… 


Imagine being soaked to the bone, the thunder ringing in your ears and dodging lightning as it strikes. Imagine the tugging of branches and cold white hands, the scratches of thorns and devilish claws, as you ride through the trees. Imagine the screams of angry banshees and the howls of hungry beasts echoing around you…and the passing whispers in your ear of invisible phantoms as they swoop by.  


Would you be able to keep going? 


Legend has it that there are riders that have entered these woods and never been seen again. Who must have lost the chase and been devoured by the creatures, disappearing without a trace.  


Or worse, they have encountered the demon horse of the undead.  Oooh - I even gave myself tingles there.  


This creature we haven’t mentioned yet. I’ve been saving this for the perfect petrifying point. The demon horse of the undead is said to roam these woods in search of victims to trap in a hellish eternal hunt. With flaming red eyes and a heavy whip like tail that can slice a limb clean off. You can never outrun this brute of a beast. And once it has you in it’s scent, you will be doomed to ride an endless journey through these cursed woods being hunted for eternity. 


There is only one brave soul I’ve heard of that has survived an encounter with the demon horse of the undead. Old Mr Barleycorn who lives round the corner from us. I heard he was out for a walk all alone one night along this very path and came face to face with the blazing red eyes of the demon horse. He could feel the hot breath of the beast’s panting on his skin and a cold chill ran down his spine, freezing the old man to the spot. At first he believed this would be it for him. Mustering all his courage Old Mr Barleycorn did the first thing that came to his mind. He raised his arms and spread his legs making himself as big as he possibly could. He returned the demon’s stare with desperation and defiance in his eyes, took a big breath and let out the loudest, longest blood curdling noise he could.  


The beast did not move at first, nor even flinch. The old man held his breath for what felt like forever. But at last with a final angry growl, the demon horses whipped it’s thick black tail, turned and cantered back into the night.  


Let’s hope you never have to try your luck. But perhaps it’s best for you to practise, since you’re already here. Go on, why don’t you try out your biggest poses and scariest faces for scaring off the demon horse of the undead. Meg and I would love to see your pictures, right Meg? 


(Meg barks) 

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