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Welcome to the TAMFEST Halloween Audio Trail

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"The speedy gleams the darkness swallow'd, Loud, deep, and lang the thunder bellow'd"

That’s a bit from the Tam O’Shanter poem, incase you didn’t know. And it’s the darkness here in Rozelle Park that we want to tell you all about…. 


Because at night, these woods conceal many dark secrets. 


Imagine riding at such a speed through these woods in the deep of the night, like Tam did. Perhaps you can’t be sure what you see as it passes by so quickly…or perhaps you’re lucky enough not to see the full horrors in all their glory. 


It wasn’t just the sounds of the storm that auld Tam heard as he battled his way through these trees upon his trusty horse Meg - but the cries of the creatures that reside in these haunted woods. They may hide from the light, but they are always watching and in the dark they truly awake.  


At night, these woods conceal many dark secrets. 


What was that in the shadowy spaces between the trees? Flashes of blood red eyes, eager boney fingers, hungry sharp teeth and claws. Goblins and faeries, warlocks and witches, ghosts and ghouls. 


You may spot the marks they leave behind - the remnants of their night time revels and hunts. Prints on the ground that do not match with any human foot or ordinary animal. Scratch marks on the trees as the creatures fight over the last scraps of their victims. 


And listen carefully, too - as not everything is as it seems! These creatures are clever at disguising their voices and luring you into a false sense of safety. Is that the cry of an owl? Or a clever goblin imitating one? Is that the wind in the trees? Or the whispers of faeries and witches? Is that the rustle of leaves on the ground? Or the claws of a warlock/black hairy beast as it stalks you? 


At night, these woods conceal many dark secrets. 


But it is the silence you should be most afraid of. The creatures are noisiest at night, but it is said that just before they claim their victims….there is a moment of absolute quiet…. 


(Meg barks) 


Meg! Anyway, that’s why Tam never stopped singing and reciting sonnets as he and Meg rode through these woods. 


“Whiles holding fast his guid blue bonnet, 

Whiles crooning o'er some auld Scots sonnet, 

Whiles glowrin round wi' prudent cares, 

Lest bogles catch him unawares.” 


You must keep making noise if you want to keep the creatures at bay. Be louder than them and NEVER let the silence take over. 

Have a listen before we move on. What can you really hear? But don’t stay still for too long… 

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