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Welcome to the TAMFEST Halloween Audio Trail

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Good Luck...

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Welcome to the Haunted Adventures of Maggie and Meg. Are you feeling brave? Because the spirits are always watching….as long as you mind your business, they will mind theirs. Unless they are hungry for human flesh or thirsty for blood- Meg!! Meg, drop it. Ahem. I’m Maggie and that’s my dog Meg.  


(Meg barks)  


She says hi. And this is our favourite walk, here in Rozelle Park. Especially at this time of year, when everything really comes alive….or should I say unalive. (Maggie does an evil laugh) 


Oh, that was pretty good! 


(back to her serious voice) You may have heard the spooky tale of Tam O’Shanter, but this is the Horrifying and Hellish Haunted Adventures of Maggie and Meg. Tread carefully on this journey with us because everything is not as it seems. Follow the map from one location to the next to hear our stories and prepare to have your spine tingled and your hair raised. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears alert - every sound matters if you want to make it to the end. 


Our first few locations are right here in Rozelle Park. Perhaps you’ve been here before, but have you ever had that feeling of being watched? Because you should. You are never alone here, even when it seems as if no-one is around. This was the very haunted woods that Tam himself rode through that fateful stormy night - “where ghaists and houlets nightly cry” and “ The Devil has business on his hand.” 


Listen and you’ll hear more than just the wind in the trees. You might hear the dead whispering your name…or feel a hand that isn’t there on your shoulder…you might quicken your pace, but the spirits never lose a race….AHHHHH!!! MEG. Meg, what have I told you about creeping up on me when I’m telling a story?  


Right. Let’s get moving. The ghosts and ghouls are restless to meet you. 

Which reminds me! There’s some wee ghosties hidden on the trail - these ones are friendly ones - they will keep you on the right path. See how many you can spot! And if you really fancy a challenge, there’s some letters hidden on the trail, too. Spot them all to unscramble the secret message…if you make it that far, of course… 


Oh, and one more thing. Don’t forget to take a selfie before your begin…for evidence incase you’re never seen again… 

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