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If this happens to be the first time you have come across The Personalised Audio Story Experience, we encourage you to have a look around the site and visit our FAQ page to find out more about our current phase of research and development on this unique offering for young people.

If you have already registered and you are looking to create your young person's story, then scroll down and you find the everything you need.

We are not accepting anymore participants at this time, but please feel free to register for updates and opportunities to be involved and maybe bag your young person(s) an amazing experience.

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'Venture into the extraordinary'


The Personalised Audio Story Experience is a truly unique theatrical storytelling offering, which puts your young person at the heart of the story.

Our Audio Stories are unlike anything you will have heard before. We use binaural sound design to create immersive spatial audio landscapes. For a young person, this will allow them to develop a greater connection to the story and engage their imagination more vividly.

Click on one of our story templates below to learn more.

Fantasy Gaming
Tropical Beach

The Personalised Audio Story Experience is in it's first stage of development. We are entering the "Testing" Phase of this development, where we will make a small number of stories for a select group of participants.

The Online Portal for registered participants will close on

1st February 2020. Your story will be delivered to your inbox by 15th February 2020.

If we receive online portal submissions from unregistered participants, we cannot guarantee that your story will be made, as we are limited in the number of test stories we can create.

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