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Your Questions... Answered

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What is it?

A unique storytelling offering for young people aged between 4 and 9. A Story like no other, putting your young person at the heart of the story. They are the main character. They go on marvellous adventures, and traverse landscapes we can only dream of. 


We believe that our Audio Stories are unlike anything you will have heard before. We use binaural sound design to create immersive spatial audio experiences. For a young person, this will allow them to develop a greater connection to the story and engage their imagination more vividly.

Helping Hands

Why we need your help?

Like all new products or projects, we need to test our Personalised Audio Story Experience, before it becomes available to a wider public audience. In early 2021, we are looking to engage with the parents, families, guardians and carers to help us create the best possible experience we can for your young people. 


We are looking to test, not only the creation of your young persons unique story, but also the digital mechanisms that allow us to gather the required information we need to populate the story.


What this means, is that your person will be amongst the first recipients of a unique personalised audio story. All we ask is that you go through the full process with us.

Happy Children

How it works?

We are still hard at work, working out a lot of the technical functions that will allow us to offer this as a service. We believe it will run, as detailed below, in 3 simple steps. This may change of course, but we will keep all of our participants fully up to date, as when the information in regards to our online processes become available.


Step 1: You choose from 2 unique story templates. Previews will be available on The Audio Story Company website.


Step 2: Through an online portal, you will provide us with the personal information required to populate the story. 


The type of things we will ask for include (but are not limited to):

  • Young Person’s First Name

  • Home Town / Town of Residence

  • Favourite Snack / Food

  • Favourite Colour

  • Favourite Smell

  • Favourite Song

  • Name of their Pet

  • Party Trick


Step 3: We send your complete, one-of-a-kind, story to the email address you provided us with. We send them as MP3 and WAV Files, so all you need is your listening device (Phone, Computer, Tablet, etc) of choice to enjoy the story. 

There is still time to be involved... just register your interest and we will be in touch.

Register your interest by filling out this simple form and we will be in touch with more details

Tell us a little bit about why you are registering your interest in The Personalised Audio Story Experience. This will help us understand how best to create the stories for your young people.

Useful Information to include: Are You a Parent/Guardian/Carer? Are You a School/Youth Group? Would the story be for an individual young person or group of  young people? What age is your young person(s)? What is the best way for you to access Stories? etc...

Do you have any questions?

Registering your interest does not guarantee participation in the development phase. 

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