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Image by Elijah Merrell


Have you ever wished you could escape into a world of imagination and adventure, just by putting on headphones and closing your eyes? Well now you can, because that's exactly what our audio drama's can offer.


Using the the latest in 3D binaural audio technology, coupled with our years of storytelling experience, we take listeners on journeys outwith the realms of their physical surroundings and into the extraordinary. 

The world of audio-drama has never been more popular than right now. Are you looking to create a Radio 4 Audio-Drama, Sonic Theatre or something completely new? We can cater for all your sound and storytelling needs.


From story dramaturgy and remote recording to creating complex soundscapes and music, no job is too big. If you can dream it, we can create it.


Have a listen to some of our work

Digging Deeper - Trailer

Written By Isla Robertson

Digging Deeper - Extract

Written by Isla Robertson

A Magical Quest - Extract

Written by Sarah Miele

Adrift - Extract

Written by Encarni Medina-Lopez

The Lost Reindeer - Extract

Written by Sarah Miele

Into The Jungle - Extract

Written by Kostas Bantounos

Learn more about our audio productions

Digging Deeper and The Lost Reindeer

For audio-drama enquiries...

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