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It's got to begin somewhere

We'd love to tell you that this company started as some magical brainwave, or a piece of genius thought... but we can't. Like all great stories, we found ourselves in the middle of it without really knowing how we got there. This story, however, is based on love and necessity. The love for our nieces, and the necessity of Lockdown. Remember Lockdown? With our nieces being homeschooled, we wanted to give them an activity which didn't involve looking at a screen. The very first Audio Story was born.

We never imagined that the concept would be so warmly welcomed, but they loved it. I don't mean the classic 'play with once and throw it away loved it', but the 'listen to it again and again, and ask for more, and get annoyed when you tell them you don't have any more, LOVED IT'. We had to make more... Sorry... we were told, in no uncertain terms by a fiery 3 year old, that we were making more. 

So we did.

We love telling stories, and we are passionate about bringing to life worlds which would otherwise be inaccessible. We are committed to creating quality immersive audio content which is unique, imaginative and engaging. 

Sarah & Calum

Meet The Team

Sarah Miele

Likes: Pizza, Dogs and Naps

If Sarah could have any super power, she would have the power of teleportation, because it would stop her always running late, and so she could see her friends from around the world.

Calum Paterson

Likes: 90's Music, Cheesecake and Climbing Mountains

Fun Fact: Calum has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest Mountain in Africa. He has also eaten more cheesecake than most human beings.

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