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Information for auditions for Merry 

We’re looking forward to meeting you on Monday 11th October.


The audition will last 15-20 minutes including an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about the project.

Part 1:

As the festive show is still in development, we will be using the above extract from a previous audio show, Happiness Collectors, for the audition.


We would love for you to listen to and prepare a short physical performance to the opening of Happiness Collectors. You will be taking on the role of Special Agent M (SAM), who is a Happiness Collector Instructor - very enthusiastic, but not always the best at their job! You are listening to and interacting with the voiceover (who is sort of like your boss!), as well as getting the audience excited to start their Happiness Collector training. We will have headphones at the audition for you to wear and listen to the audio through - which will be the same set up for the festive show.


We are keen to see how you respond to the audio world and bring the character and environments to life physically!

Part 2:

We will do a short, physical improvisation based around the festive story. You are not required to prepare anything for this.

This is for private audition preparation and not for public viewing. 

Please not do share.