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audio drama

What is an Audio Story?

Our Audio Stories are like Audio Books, but better.

We create audio stories that fully immerse the listener in the world of the story. We believe that this creates a deeper and more vivid experience, making our stories truly unique.

What makes our stories different?

Binaural Sound Design for Deeper Immersion 

Magical and Diverse Content

Emotive & Engaging Music from around the World

Have an Audio Story on us...

Princess & The DragonThe Audio Story Company
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Princess Aurla & Princess Mara, must travel through mystical lands to help Ralph The Dragon. Join them on this magical adventure. 

Created by Sarah Miele & Calum Paterson.

Recorded at Bear Cave Studios, Glasgow.

AVAILABLE FOR FREE for a limited time only!

We recommend using Headphones, for a deeper more immersive experience.

Recommended for ages 4 to 9.