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A royal Prince or Princess finds their life disrupted one day, when the nearby gnome kingdom asks for help with a dragon problem! The adventure will take them beyond their castle walls, journeying through the enchanted forest and across a mysterious river - both home to magical creatures! When they finally reach the gnomes kingdom, will they be able to help the gnomes and Ralph the dragon? A story for little ones who love magic and fairytales.

Recommended for ages 4 to 9.

Running Time: 18mins.

Your story will be delivered directly to your inbox, along with a secure link to a downloadable file. All you will need is your listen device of choice and a set of headphones (recommended, but not essential) to enjoy the story.

Created by Sarah Miele and Calum Paterson.

Dramaturgy by Jo Rush & Isobel McArthur.

Story & Sounds are Copyright of The Audio Story Company. 

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Notes & Guidance

Royal Title: Just because your young person may be a boy, doesn't mean they can't be Princess. We accept everyone for who they are and who they want to be.

Name: Only your young person's first name is required. Double barrelled names are totally fine. 

Hometown: This will be your "Kingdom". The best Kingdoms are the ones your young person will easily recognise. Could be your country, district, town or street.

Snack: Food is an important part of any journey. Your young person's snacks can be anything, but try and keep them to two or three words max.

Colour: Can be any colour you can think of.

Activity / Hobby: What does your young person enjoy doing in their spare time? Could be their favourite sporting hobby, or their extra-curricular activities.

Song: Can be any song in the world, and please include the Song Title and the Artist(s) if you know them.

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